Available on server: Relaxed Running

Speed record bySpeedSet on
jhheight2741qu/s5 days ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onRelaxed
1jhheight51.20s0.8045 days ago546
2butter1:03.66s1.2435 months ago255
3❲❳😒❲❳1:04.96s1.2681 year ago244
4522:happy1:05.71s1.2831 year ago237
5[BOT]Klaspes1:08.18s1.3311 year ago217
6ay #place your ads here1:18.78s1.5381 month ago177
7Banditoz1:27.00s1.6991 month ago160
8drummyfish #devsaregayirl #rem...1:32.56s1.80710 months ago149
9DEBANNER1:35.52s1.8653 months ago145
10Dumblecop, of the Darkmeal2:00.85s2.3605 months ago123
11[human] saikawa riko2:15.96s2.6555 months ago116
12MARA 😉5:24.53s6.3385 months ago101

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