Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
creature of hp876qu/s3 years ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1770214.69s0.9552 years ago494
2creature of hp15.37s1.0463 years ago370
3Visse.exe15.40s1.0483 years ago367
4ion.amino17.60s1.1982 months ago238
5[BOT]Ferreus18.32s1.2472 weeks ago218
6[BOT]Klaspes37.17s2.5302 years ago123
7Vert45.83s3.1193 years ago116

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ion.amino417.60s ( 36.48s )

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3 years ago

New speed record by creature of hp: 876qu/s

creature of hp 115.37s ( 22.04s )
Visse.exe 215.40s ( 19.26s )
Vert445.83s ( 1:16.44s )

3 years ago

creature of hp 322.04s

3 years ago

New speed record by 7702: 873qu/s

7702 117.45s
Visse.exe 219.26s
Vert 31:16.44s