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slavno1 week ago 150.69s ( 1:27.48s )
skyvno1 month ago 129.52s ( 31.12s )
pornstarghost21 month ago 14:06.63s
aa_torture1 month ago 11:20.54s
DINIRUNS4 months ago142:38.76s ( 3:01.35s )
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weirdwild1 year ago 12:42.52s ( 2:59.38s )
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Killua-Fukki2 years ago10.18s13/1741.0121282
kool_woods_bw1 year ago17.32s5/1051.0111216
line42 years ago59.16s13/1811.0161204
biotrix-nubstrafe2 years ago11.31s22/1981.0261196
sl1k-kleo2 years ago12.33s12/1531.0161176
strafeadventure2 years ago32.38s14/1371.0361123
marvin-88prozent2 years ago29.15s8/1071.0291120
biotrix-high2 years ago30.37s17/2301.0391114
borq2 years ago11.12s23/1181.0281110
fe-dome_22 years ago19.53s16/2261.0361107
kool_quickgrass12 years ago27.29s23/2361.0361102
A01-Race2 years ago31.52s16/1331.0301083
ghost-strafe52 years ago20.98s13/1501.0431068
ketarra1 year ago26.85s13/851.0331060
r7-purity2 years ago13.71s17/2251.0431053
shg32 years ago11.34s15/1711.0441049
biotrix-yifs1 year ago27.44s24/1401.0361049
r7-arca2 years ago12.97s14/1821.0451045
biotrix-forwhat2 years ago15.56s11/1621.0461039
r7-pornstar32 years ago21.17s22/1721.0391030
phurial1 year ago3:39.74s1/310.929619
r7-pyramid1 year ago2:06.83s1/290.951572
dfwc2008-41 year ago18.99s1/690.994554
Winsalot-gift_for_Mirio3 years ago4:46.65s1/160.712550
boris_jekyll4 months ago57.20s1/150.918546
kayzee1 year ago19.52s1/130.931535
MrHeadshot-Fifth2 years ago21.50s1/170.951520
weirdwild1 year ago2:42.52s1/230.994516
qportal-orange2 years ago1:26.75s1/120.883515
drjaska-trickshit1-b11 year ago39.69s1/90.908511
r7-climbworld-06red1 year ago24.13s1/160.986505
wub-kz21 year ago21.77s1/260.980499
northrun1 year ago1:44.58s1/120.958498
Pea_CMoron2 years ago44.55s1/80.907496
goodvno1 year ago2:00.96s1/100.813493
upvno1 year ago2:28.09s1/160.410492
Boris_multiplex11 year ago27.33s1/110.968491
count_tries3 years ago29.78s1/100.961486
j4n_torture3 years ago4:48.55s1/70.954485
tenvno1 year ago21.70s1/140.678481