Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
creature of hp1260qu/s1 year ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1ion.amino45.99s0.9452 months ago460
2creature of hp48.65s1.0571 year ago325
3Juhu49.50s1.0761 year ago305
4Кotangєns51.96s1.1291 year ago269
5[BOT]Mirio52.99s1.1521 year ago238
6Des58.47s1.2711 year ago196
7522:happy1:13.73s1.6031 year ago146
8❲❳😒❲❳2:10.96s2.8471 year ago113

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2 months ago

ion.amino 145.99s

1 year ago

New speed record by creature of hp: 1260qu/s

creature of hp 148.65s

1 year ago

[BOT]Mirio 352.99s

1 year ago

Кotangєns 251.96s ( 52.78s )

1 year ago

Кotangєns 252.78s ( 53.31s )

1 year ago

New speed record by Vert: 1240qu/s

Juhu 149.50s
Кotangєns 253.31s
Des 358.47s