Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
[BOT]Mirio1748qu/s2 years ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1Termuinator11.39s0.9792 years ago516
2Makmak11.63s1.0212 years ago413
3[BOT]Mirio11.89s1.0432 years ago380
4+melancholicus #NoEstimates12.12s1.0642 years ago339
5770212.15s1.0662 years ago309
6sulfur12.48s1.0952 years ago287
7ion.amino12.54s1.1001 year ago276
8weira12.72s1.1162 years ago267
9Visse.exe13.04s1.1442 years ago217
10Vert13.36s1.1722 years ago207
11Tu.13.53s1.1872 months ago203
12[BOT]Klaspes14.67s1.2872 years ago168
13banano [reflection enjoyer]15.01s1.3172 years ago162
14creature of hp16.52s1.4502 years ago145
15malice  [No chat]17.32s1.5202 years ago140

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Makmak 211.63s

2 years ago

New speed record by [BOT]Mirio: 1748qu/s

[BOT]Mirio 211.89s
+melancholicus #NoEstimates 312.12s

2 years ago

7702 212.15s ( 14.63s )

2 years ago

Visse.exe 213.04s
7702 314.63s
banano [reflection enjoyer]415.01s
creature of hp516.52s

2 years ago

New speed record by Termuinator: 1608qu/s

Termuinator 111.39s
malice  [No chat] 217.32s