Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
Vert1235qu/s1 year ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1Juhu14.12s0.8362 years ago507
2creature of hp16.88s1.1952 years ago238
3ion.amino22.25s1.5753 months ago159
4Vert27.09s1.9181 year ago138
5malice [No chat]42.73s3.0262 years ago118
6Silent! >w<49.01s3.4702 years ago114
7azrus1:29.32s6.3252 years ago102
8banano [reflection enjoyer]3:08.42s13.3442 years ago96
9[BOT]Mirio5:51.88s24.9202 years ago94
10Gouldron15:06.36s64.1891 year ago93

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Vert 327.09s ( 28:49.53s )

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New speed record by Vert: 1235qu/s


2 years ago

Juhu 114.12s
malice [No chat] 342.73s ( 1:06.46s )

2 years ago

New speed record by Silent! >w<: 887qu/s

creature of hp 116.88s
Silent! >w< 249.01s
malice [No chat] 31:06.46s
banano [reflection enjoyer]43:08.42s