Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
<acc/RiFo5569qu/s3 months ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1<acc/RiFo2:26.28s0.9823 months ago442
2creature of hp2:28.87s1.0171 year ago395
3sjn|gibbz2:30.46s1.0286 months ago389
4knature2:31.60s1.0361 year ago326
5jhheight2:32.26s1.0401 year ago314
6[BOT]Klaspes2:34.42s1.0553 months ago287
7Ninyar2:47.12s1.1423 months ago238
8522:happy2:49.13s1.1561 year ago212
9psj.amnesia420(Critical Slow) 2:52.81s1.1811 year ago197
10ion.amino2:53.68s1.1872 months ago185
11Radio 3:32.50s1.45211 months ago149
12[BOT]Mirio3:57.27s1.6221 year ago131
13❲❳😒❲❳4:07.16s1.6891 year ago128
14moonaco🌏 [under 24 hours left]4:11.96s1.7221 year ago124
15SLUT.MxCraven4:31.04s1.8521 year ago117
16Gman5:15.13s2.1546 months ago106
17KraXXXel5:30.40s2.2588 months ago98

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