Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
creature of hp991qu/s2 years ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1creature of hp21.50s0.9012 years ago534
2[] Juhu23.85s1.1092 years ago305
3ambient25.26s1.1742 years ago255
4Visse.exe26.39s1.2272 years ago228
5AKIMOLY26.63s1.23810 months ago222
6malice [No chat]27.93s1.2992 years ago202
7 L1 *free health tips*28.74s1.3362 years ago193
8ion.amino28.97s1.3479 months ago182
9Gouldron (ergo mouse)29.98s1.3942 years ago174
10fourteen or sixteen?33.39s1.5532 years ago152
11ignatenkobrain35.39s1.6462 years ago144
12[BOT]Mirio36.42s1.6932 years ago136
13XYLIGAN39.51s1.8371 week ago130
14ChubTucka48.09s2.2361 year ago114
15azrus1:04.80s3.0132 years ago100
16SpidersCunt1:04.93s3.0201 year ago98

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New speed record by creature of hp: 991qu/s

creature of hp 121.50s ( 22.17s )

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New speed record by Makmak: 872qu/s


2 years ago

ambient 125.26s
malice [No chat] 327.93s ( 34.68s )

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ignatenkobrain535.39s ( 42.69s )

2 years ago

New speed record by Visse.exe: 816qu/s

Visse.exe 126.39s
creature of hp 229.93s
Gouldron (ergo mouse) 329.98s
malice [No chat]434.68s
fourteen or sixteen?641.20s

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New speed record by [BOT]Mirio: 636qu/s

[BOT]Mirio 136.42s