Available on server: Hardcore Parkour

Speed record bySpeedSet on
night2304qu/s4 years ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onHardcore
1[nM] Donald30.14s0.9844 years ago561
2night30.60s1.0154 years ago471
3[S]Komier31.58s1.0474 years ago412
4writhe32.37s1.0734 years ago366
5eof.OP333.30s1.1044 years ago290
6ELYHW34.16s1.1334 years ago271
7[BOT]Mirioツ34.19s1.1344 years ago257
8 L1꧂ *free health tips*34.45s1.1424 years ago252
9Justin34.71s1.1514 years ago235
10fun gamer34.82s1.1554 years ago204
11Mario (SMB)35.38s1.1734 years ago189
12Visse.exe35.48s1.1774 years ago175
13sinety35.80s1.1874 years ago173
13Ryona35.80s1.1874 years ago173
15Tommy*'''35.91s1.1914 years ago165
16Bloodthorn36.02s1.1954 years ago155
17Modester36.08s1.1974 years ago143
18◣vr4m◥36.90s1.2244 years ago140
19afk.homs37.13s1.2314 years ago137
20ambient37.15s1.2324 years ago134
21psj.enko🌌37.31s1.2374 years ago133
22Gouldron (ergo mouse)39.20s1.3004 years ago125
23[BOT]Hotdog39.29s1.3034 years ago123
24[BOT].pack039.67s1.3164 years ago118
25[BOT]Klaspes40.10s1.3304 years ago112
26strafe harder40.77s1.3524 years ago111
27ns.Av👽ll👽c'h40.82s1.3544 years ago108
28sjn|Fetus40.92s1.3574 years ago106
29Mario Bianchi ❈❈❈41.05s1.3614 years ago103
30Curse Starwind42.40s1.4064 years ago99
31Calinou43.66s1.4484 years ago97
32Mr.Swag LMNT43.77s1.4524 years ago94
33*pV.EvilKnebl44.20s1.4664 years ago90
34[BOT]Ramses44.27s1.4684 years ago86
35Käsebrot44.54s1.4774 years ago83
36Totally Cute, Totally cool45.10s1.4964 years ago83
37Kuba45.25s1.5014 years ago80
38fourteen or sixteen?45.30s1.5024 years ago76
39LoverRainbowShadow45.47s1.5084 years ago76
40=EBS= KentOne 🌌❇❈↑45.94s1.5244 years ago76
41[BOT]SeeK-y45.98s1.5254 years ago73
42psyx | SpiKe46.49s1.5424 years ago72
43[BOT]proraide46.80s1.5524 years ago70
44[BOT]Grunt47.37s1.5714 years ago68
45[BOT]GATTS47.52s1.5764 years ago67
46[xdf.gg] Juhu48.59s1.6121 year ago64
47GAYLORD49.02s1.6264 years ago64
48msh50.43s1.6734 years ago62
49t0uYK8Ne51.22s1.6994 years ago60
50kjk52.58s1.7444 years ago59
51Monke56.22s1.8654 years ago57
52[IoN][å°»]Lightbringer57.42s1.9054 years ago55
53[BUTT]PTB58.67s1.9464 years ago54
54[BOT]Silence1:01.26s2.0324 years ago52
55τнє siℓєทτ τigєr1:02.18s2.0634 years ago51
56cortez1:04.67s2.1454 years ago50
57BuddyFriendGuy1:05.23s2.1644 years ago49
58TheCaspper161:05.63s2.1774 years ago48
59KNUCKLES gotta go fest1:09.19s2.2954 years ago47
60floxy!1:17.78s2.5804 years ago45
61 PanDemoNium1:19.25s2.6294 years ago45
62RRistovski [PREMIUM]1:19.72s2.6444 years ago44
63Cow_Fu1:21.05s2.6894 years ago43
64Siimen1:23.45s2.7684 years ago42
65BOB57681:25.60s2.8404 years ago41
66St47ik1:26.00s2.8534 years ago40
67banano1:29.93s2.9833 years ago40
68element.Tofik1:30.34s2.9974 years ago40
69creature of hp1:35.26s3.1603 years ago39
70>>typhoon❤1:37.10s3.2214 years ago39
71[BOX] ox1:38.50s3.2684 years ago39
72Bass1:42.66s3.4064 years ago38
73___AlBeR__Sp1:46.44s3.5314 years ago37
74🔥Maksim🔥 1:52.59s3.7354 years ago37
75KraXXXel1:56.39s3.8614 years ago36
76★DadFromBaghdad★1:58.53s3.9324 years ago36
77meow❤2:04.86s4.1424 years ago35
78FSMP ☠ s l a p t r o u t2:11.45s4.3614 years ago35
79★★2337★★2:22.00s4.7114 years ago34
80Gandalf🔥2:25.53s4.8284 years ago34
81Neoniak 🔥2:37.25s5.2174 years ago33
82malice [No chat]2:38.59s5.2614 years ago33
83Azzet3:10.12s6.3074 years ago33
84Fuzsion 3:15.95s6.5014 years ago32
85SLUT.MxCraven3:16.02s6.5034 years ago32
86infinity3:40.57s7.3184 years ago31
87auschwitZ4:01.32s8.0064 years ago31
88ffuw4:27.84s8.8864 years ago31
89Mira4:37.78s9.2164 years ago30
90Des6:33.29s13.0481 year ago30
91[3<*]Turkey_shoot8:09.92s16.2544 years ago30
92items9:48.16s19.5144 years ago29
93👽ALIEN👽11:52.35s23.6344 years ago29
94[WW] dr. Equivalent16:12.96s32.2814 years ago28
95fjkjksdlf16:44.57s33.3304 years ago28

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